Why choose Short Term Medical?

Many people will find that a Short Term health insurance plan is a more affordable and flexible solution to their health care needs than an Affordable Care Act plans. Short Term health insurance is medical insurance designed to provide coverage during the gaps between other health care plans. 

On August 1, 2018 the Departments of Health & Human Services, Labor, and Treasury issued a final rule that changes the duration of short-term plans to less than 12 months and may be renewed up to 36 months; state regulations may apply. STM plans are not required to comply with Affordable Care Act (ACA) and coverage is not required to provide essential health benefits or except pre-existing conditions.

Short Term Medical helps you save more on health care when you visit network providers.  Any amount of time without health insurance is too long.. Short Term Medical insurance includes flexible plan designs and options to help you find the plan that fits your needs, budget, and in this case, your time frame.  Short Term Medical coverage provides protection from a variety of medical expenses


A medical facility providing immediate, non-routine urgent care for an injury or sickness treated on a walk-in basis. Unlimited visits You pay $50 per visit; your medical deductible is waived, and remaining expenses apply to coinsurance.


Unlimited visits, subject to an additional access fee unless admitted to a hospital; costs apply to deductible and coinsurance.


Unlimited trips: Maximum benefit amounts may apply per trip


Doctor visits are subject to deductible and coinsurance

Short Term Medical

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